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Film & Discussion

The Personal Myth in Turbulent Times at Boulder Center for Conscious Community, 28th Street, Boulder, CO

For our summer film event, BFJ will be hosting a utube film of a lecture by James Hollis, Jungian Analyst, entitled, "The Personal Myth in Turbulent Times." In 1913 Jung asked himself this question: “What is my myth?,” and realized that he could not answer. Can we? First we have to understand what is meant by myth, and then what the question itself means. Why we have to even ask this question is still another question. What is the cultural context in which we raise these questions, and how do our personal journeys intersect with the climate of our time are still other questions. This presentation will raise these questions, offer putative approaches, and challenge the participant to a more thoughtful engagement.   Following the one hour film, we will have time for small group discussions. 

JAMES HOLLIS, PH. D., is a Jungian Analyst in private practice in Washington, D. C. where he is also Executive Director of the Jung Society of Washington.   He is also the author of fourteen books, including his recent book, Living the Examined Life.