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The Lumen Naturae: Let There Be Light!

  • Community United Church of Christ 2650 Table Mesa Dr, #1 Boulder, Co 80305 USA (map)

Lecture by John Todd  

Jung was fond of Paracelsus’ term the Lumen Naturae which means “light of nature”. This light or wisdom is revealed to us via dreams and other manifestations of the unconscious. This lecture will focus on the ego’s relationship to Nature, the unconscious, and images that reflect this relationship such as plants and animals in dreams.  The focus will be on the ego’s relationship with the unconscious, a foundational concept in Jungian theory.

John Todd was born and raised in FL, moved to CO w wife and two in children in 2006. Ph.D., from Pacifica Graduate Institute, analytical training with the IRSJA via the CG Jung Institute of Colorado and graduated in 2014. He lives and practices in Evergreen, CO.