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The I Ching, Seeking A Dragon: Lecture & Discussion

SEEKING A DRAGON, FINDING A MARE: IMAGES, IMAGINATION, AND MEANING IN THE I CHING.  Lecture by Laura Marshall Presents the I-Ching at First Congregational Church

The I Ching brims with images that arise in dreamlike clusters, providing a vivid reflection of the flow between conscious and unconscious mind, and between the mind and the world. This presentation and workshop explore images associated with the Eight Trigrams at the heart of the I Ching, uncovering a rich array of archetypal energies. No previous knowledge of the I Ching is necessary to enjoy and benefit from this event.

How does your topic relate to Jungian psychology?  C.G. Jung acclaimed the I Ching as a method for exploring the unconscious. Whether for scholarly contemplation or divination, acquaintance with the images in the I Ching deepens one’s understanding of the soul’s language in precisely the ways that Jung himself explored.

Laura Marshall is a scholar of global culture and imagination. She has worked as an I Ching consultant, artist, university professor, and radio programmer. She holds a PhD in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. An ardent student of the I Ching since 1970, Laura has taught classes in the US and Europe. Her many years as a visual artist are evident in her deep affinity with imagery and the process of imagination, which in turn informs her interpretation and teaching.

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