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“Who is the awe-inspiring guest who knocks at our door portentously?” C.G.Jung

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Slender Threads: Invisible Patterns that Shape and Guide Our Lives

Workshop facilitated by Jerry Ruhl

April 7 Sat. 9:30-1:30 First Congregational Church 

It is an audacious notion in this age of science and willful determination that one’s existence is somehow inspired, guided, and even managed by unseen forces outside our control. Whether called fate, synchronicity, or the hand of God, slender threads are at work brining coherence and continuity to our lives. Over time they weave a remarkable tapestry.

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Monthly book group

Night Sea Journey.jpg

   Unbelievable as it might seem, there is a hidden potential to experience a dramatic transformation of consciousness within each of us. Some people refer to this profound and disturbing change as a journey, others as an ordeal. It is both and it goes by different names: "The Night Sea Journey," "Individuation," “Kundalini Awakening,” the "Heroic Quest," and "Spiritual Emergency." Its names are many because the human mind cannot fully understand what causes sweeping changes of consciousness. This true account of my personal transformation is for those who are curious to learn about individuation as a Night Sea Journey and, most importantly, for those who are making their way in that difficult inner terrain; to help them find their way and to let them know that they are not alone.

The Lumen Naturae: Let There Be Light!     

Lecture & Discussion by John Todd

Friday, May 4th 7-9 PM Community United Church of Christ

               Free for members/ $15 non-members    

Jung was fond of Paracelsus’ term the Lumen Naturae which means “light of nature”. This light or wisdom is revealed to us via dreams and other manifestations of the unconscious. This lecture will focus on the ego’s relationship to Nature, the unconscious, and images that reflect this relationship such as plants and animals in dreams.  The focus will be on the ego’s relationship with the unconscious, a fundamental concept in Jungian theory.

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