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“Who is the awe-inspiring guest who knocks at our door portentously?” C.G.Jung

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Personal Myth & Transformation

Workshop By Martha Peacock & Catherine McHugh

June 8th 9-4 PM

Community Church of Christ

All of us are guided by at least one personal mythology in our daily lives, informing our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Most of us are unaware of our inner stories - so much so that our narratives may be living us. In this hands-on, experiential workshop, we'll work to bring our foundational myths into consciousness. Through a series of exercises, we'll explore the ways in which stories of the past are shaping our present. This process can be illuminating and empowering, as it can shed light on outdated stories and provide the impetus to embody newer, more relevant narratives of our choosing. Bring your own lunch. Pay at door or mail check.


Monthly book group


A renowned expert on the subject of dreams, Jeremy Taylor has studied dreams and has worked with thousands of people both individually and in dream groups for more than forty years. His discoveries show us how dreams can be the keys to gaining insight into our past and our conflicts, as well as excursions into the fantastic realm of creative inspiration.

It’s Not trump, It’s The Titans 

Presentation & Conversation By Mitchell Peritz, PhD 

Friday, April 5th 7-9 PM

Community Church of Christ

The election of Trump directs the collective's attention to the person, and the negatively polarizing figure he presents. By focusing that attention on the individual we forgo the archetypal backdrop--the myth of the Titans---that has provided the fertile ground for his ascendancy and the waters we unconsciously bathe in daily. A greater understanding of the Titans' presence and their affects clues us into today's current social climate of heightened uncertainty, trepidations, and 'normalization' of the unacceptable. And buried within the myth is a glimpse of the shifting future. Learn More →