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“Who is the awe-inspiring guest who knocks at our door portentously?” C.G.Jung

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The Personal Myth in Turbulent Times

Film By James Holis & Discussion 

July 13 Friday DVD 7-9 PM; social time 6:45

Boulder Center For Conscious Community $10/ $15 couple

In 1913 Jung asked himself this question: “What is my myth?,” and realized that he could not answer. Can we? First we have to understand what is meant by myth, and then what the question itself means. Why we have to even ask this question is still another question. What is the cultural context in which we raise these questions, and how do our personal journeys intersect with the climate of our time are still other questions. This presentation will raise these questions, offer putative approaches, and challenge the participant to a more thoughtful engagement.  

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Monthly book group

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   Unbelievable as it might seem, there is a hidden potential to experience a dramatic transformation of consciousness within each of us. Some people refer to this profound and disturbing change as a journey, others as an ordeal. It is both and it goes by different names: "The Night Sea Journey," "Individuation," “Kundalini Awakening,” the "Heroic Quest," and "Spiritual Emergency." Its names are many because the human mind cannot fully understand what causes sweeping changes of consciousness. This true account of my personal transformation is for those who are curious to learn about individuation as a Night Sea Journey and, most importantly, for those who are making their way in that difficult inner terrain; to help them find their way and to let them know that they are not alone.


Lecture & Discussion by Laura Marshall

Friday, Sept. 7th 7-9 PM Community United Church of Christ

               Free for members/ $15 non-members    

The I Ching brims with images that arise in dreamlike clusters, providing a vivid reflection of the flow between conscious and unconscious mind, and between the mind and the world. This presentation and workshop explore images associated with the Eight Trigrams at the heart of the I Ching, uncovering a rich array of archetypal energies. No previous knowledge of the I Ching is necessary to enjoy and benefit from this event.

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