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C.G.Jung Institute of CO

Nancy Ortenberg, “Aion: Images of the Self”

Jung Institute, 1776 S. Jackson # 203, Denver, CO 80210


An ongoing monthly seminar providing an in-depth study of the substance of C.G. Jung’s work—the how and why of his ideas, as well as practical applications. Each semester, participants will meet for four sessions under the tutelage of diplomate Jungian analysts. A variety of subjects will be taught, including structure and dynamics of the psyche, complexes and psychopathology, dream interpretation, and archetypes of the collective unconscious. The seminar is open to the general public and it is a prerequisite for application to the Analyst Training Program. Participants must have some background in Jungian psychology and be in analysis at least two hours a month with a diplomate Jungian analyst with membership in the International Association for Analytical Psychology. * **

For further information, call the C.G. Jung Institute 303- 831-9209.

  • This season, we will take an in-depth look at Jung’s work with archetypal material in the culture, religion and the stages of life.

April 13 -Ann Ulanov (guest analyst from New York), “Trauma: Suffering and Transcendence”

May 4 – Jeff Kiehl, “On Life and Death”