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We are a supportive community dedicated to exploring the ideas and legacy of C.G.Jung, including psychological awareness,inner resources, creativity, purpose and meaning.

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Jung 101 Fall Series

Monday Discussions

Sept 16 - Oct 21st 9:30-11:30 AM

Mountain View United Methodist Church

355 Ponca Pl, Boulder, CO 80303

These introductory get-togethers are a series of exploratory discussions. Together we’ll kick around some of the basic concepts and lingo Carl Jung made famous. If you miss one or two, you will still get a background to Jungian Psychology that is as popular now as ever. The hosts will vary as we use the text, “A Guided Tour Of The Collected Works of C.G.Jung”, by Robert H. Hopcke. Class registration is open for Fall Term Ollie Boulder.

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Monthly book group


Hauntings: Dispelling the Ghosts Who Run Our Lives by James Hollis

We all live to a certain extent in service to the past and to values of our family of origin. Also can we be seized by the effect of untold stories, by emotions like shame or guilt, by disappointments and the sense of betrayal when our expectations are not met, and/or by complexes or experiences in previous relationships. Those conscious and unconscious dynamics can haunt us, until we are forced to face our pain and fear, and the path of healing becomes clear

Once and Future Christ: Jung and the Future of Christianity

Friday, October 4th 7-9 PM

First Congregational Church on Pine St.

Carl Jung recognized that, for some people, Christianity mediates a sustained and energy-giving contact with the unconscious. However, the capacity of Christianity to perform this mediation has been in decline. For Christianity to survive and evolve, Jung felt it needed to seek wholeness by evoking three long-repressed aspects of the godhead: the feminine, matter, and shadow. In the sixty years since Jung made these observations, there is some evidence that Christianity is rising to this challenge, particularly through the voices of Feminist and Queer theologians, but resistance has been fierce. It remains to be seen if this movement will be sufficient to keep Christianity alive and relevant in the 21st century and beyond.